If He mentions “Boaz” then…

If you only know me through my blog, you know I focus on single motherhood, divorce, and overwhelming life issues. There is so much more to my story…our story.  In honor of Valentine’s Day please sit back and enjoy a portion of a love story that will keep you smiling.

It all began when I received this email after our first date:

Dear Joy,  I think we’re both at a point where we need “to pick each other’s brains” a bit. We have had a great introduction to our past lives… and know God has directed us to where we each have our own callings fulfilled in the best way we know how. but now our lives have intersected and I can at least speak for myself… you have stirred something within my spirit… there’s a transparency that I feel like I can tell you anything and I honestly am not worried or concerned about it coming back to bite me… and if there’s anything that I can say is the open-candid conversations we’ve had have been awesome because you know things about me that I haven’t even told my closest friends. I love that we can talk for hours and it feels like minutes (at least that is my impression). I love hearing about the things (and people) that matter most to you. Honestly, I know I haven’t technically met your children, but I feel like I know them well already through what you’ve told me because I know your love for them runs so strong. So honestly,I’m thinking why didn’t God allow me to meet you 16 or so years ago? And then I remember from my own story, God uses the brokenness of our lives to rebuild into strength.  Your experiences have refined you into the beautiful woman you are today. And ultimately, your journey gave you Meighan and Caid, the most precious gifts to you.  My journey taught me patience and trust… God’s best will always come for those who wait. Pastor Philip has been preaching on sacrifice for the last month, so I guess that has been going through my mind too.  It’s quite real to me that if there’s going to be something more than friendship between us then there will be sacrifice from both you and me… I say sacrifice and not compromise because sacrifice means we lay down our wills before God and allow Him to choose the path. So that’s what I am in the process of doing. I am praying daily that if there is a future for us that goes beyond friendship that He will direct our paths, give us wisdom, guide us in the area of sacrifice, and kindle a connection between all of us that can be a nucleus of a new family. But if not, then God’s path will guide us in a clear way that will take what we’ve learned and encountered together and help us to be ready for what God has in store in the future. And so far as I can tell in my heart, God is answering this prayer. But since it also depends on you… that is the remainder of my thoughts from yesterday… “What does Joy think? Are we of like minds? (after our first date) Did God confirm a different direction in her spirit?”  I guess the real question is would you like to go on another date?

The Rest of the Story

As I began to seek the Lord much more diligently concerning my relationship with Jeff, I prayed very specific. I knew I did want to go on another date! I prayed that while on our second date if Jeff is the man I am to marry and be a father to Meighan and Caid then somehow, someway Jeff would talk specifically about Boaz (From the Old Testament book of Ruth). We had a wonderful second date filled with great conversation, good food, and lots of laughter. As he drove me back to my home, he mentioned he would like to meet my pastor and introduce himself.  Jeff explained to me that as a pastor, he understood how seriously a pastor cares for the families in his church. He said I am not asking Brody permission to date you, but I do want him to know me and understand my intentions. I supported this and told him that I did. Then Jeff said, “Much like Boaz gave his sandle at the gate when he met with the elders.” (Ruth 4)  I tried to keep my composure as I smiled and nodded.

There is so much more to our story, but I thought it appropriate to share with you a portion of us living and experiencing that God is in the details.  Whether you are married or single take the time to focus on all the details of your life that the Lord has never overlooked or dismissed.  What concerns us is very important to Him.

Well… we are off to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  With glad hearts we reminisce over this last year and we know the Lord has done great things.


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