Fatten Your Soul

I think it is safe to say that most of us in the midst of a crisis have a deep desire to make the right choices and do the right things. The challenge is to “not proceed rashly.” In other words, we must be extremely attentive to our souls, so that we do not become careless and impetuous. Carelessness can be a result of fatigue. It can also be
a result of an ungrateful heart. Can gratefulness be an active attitude in the individual’s life which has come undone? Can the fatigue of the soul be so real that one makes impulsive decisions with hopes to ease if not heal the pain? Yes.

Carelessness can get the best of us sometimes. It did for Moses in Numbers 20. Moses struck the rock instead of speaking to the rock as the Lord had explicitly directed. Moses gave into frustration and he was careless with the Lord’s instruction. Sometimes we can crave relief from the circumstances so much that we overlook the moment-by-moment importance of trusting God’s best in every way he may direct us.

Numbers 11 also gives a vivid story of ungratefulness and its results. Hardship can bring out the worst in us at times. God’s people had seen God’s power and were experiencing his care and provision daily. However, the everyday wear and tear of hardship can put us in the place to give in to carelessness. The beginning of the end began with ungratefulness. ungratefulness will affect others and ungratefulness is not an attitude you can keep to yourself. Manna was given to the Israelites daily, in amounts sufficient to meet each day’s needs. The Lord had daily given the Israelites what they needed to sustain them. Yet, they wanted to eat something different. The complaining took root and developed an ungratefulness that affected everyone around them, including Moses. However, God gave the Israelites what they wanted. Knowing that it would be no good to them and it would not bring satisfaction, the Lord gave them what they asked for. Not only did the Lord give them what they wanted but he gave them more than they wanted. They became sick with what they had begged for. The result was that the selfish desire led to their physical deaths. There are times when, if we are not careful, we will be driven by ungratefulness and receive what we want. Our wants will never satisfy. But accepting how the Lord meets our needs will always satisfy and sustain us.

The psalmist wrote a brief reflection on Numbers 11 and summed it up best in Psalm 106:15: “And he gave them their
request, but sent leanness into their soul” (NKJV). I understand the weariness of living every day in crisis mode. I understand the longing of your heart to want something and anything other than what you have right now. However, I hope you realize that the Lord is the only one who sustains you. He is giving you exactly what you
need to bring you to the place of healing. He is providing for you in the midst of your great pain. Resist the temptation to complain, and become ungrateful. Instead, press on and pursue him who will fatten your soul with the truth of his Word. Stand firm in the promises of the God who can and will provide for you.

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