Give Thanks (for the Unraveling)

Life falls apart. You wake up and hours later as you climb back into your bed you know a crisis hit your life and you will never be the same. You are in an emotional free fall. Your head is still spinning from the last several days and hours during which you saw your life completely change. You know you have been freefalling, and then there is a moment when you realize someone is holding you. You will not be destroyed.

Recently a friend of ours who is fighting cancer said to me, “Sometimes it is very hard to see the purpose of the unraveling and can take along time as well. For me I’ve found out God lets our life get hit with some bad stuff to see just how real we are, it’s real easy to praise and love your life when there is no problems, but how do you respond when your life falls apart. I think the unraveling can be the greatest blessing God ever gives to you”.

As I have pondered my friend’s words, I have been challenged by his words. He is seeing his own unraveling as a blessing from the Lord. What a perspective. What a declaration of God’s authority! As we enter into this time of Thanksgiving I wonder if we can truly be thankful for the unraveling. We want to count our blessings. Can we count the ones that have only come through the unraveling? Can you and I really thank the Lord for the pain that He has allowed. ? Can we say as Job said, Though He slay me, yet I will praise Him. (Job 13:15)

When crisis hits hard, the comfort found in God’s truth is like fresh air. Knowing the same El Roi who met Hagar in the desert is the God Who Sees Me . Realizing the same Jehovah-Shammah found in Ezekiel is the same God, the Lord is there. Resting in Jehovah Rapha, the Lord that heals will heal hearts—your heart and my heart. God has not changed. God cannot change. Everything else can and will change. Maybe this is one of the purposes for crisis, to begin to understand and accept change and when everything has changed and fallen apart, you find the only ONE who is unchanging desires for us to know Him.

Please pray for and encourage the Dean family. Eddie and his wife are sweet friends of our family. It is Eddie’s words I quoted in my blog post today. you can find them online at

He never will let go of you!


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