Pain’s Purpose

The moment she touched the hem of his garment, Jesus knew. He could have continued on his way and never publically acknowledged this woman. The divine healing could have only been known between the two of them and then maybe a doctor would have confirmed that she had been healed. But when you are made whole through the power of the Almighty God, people know. It cannot be hidden, it cannot be kept quiet, and it cannot go unnoticed. Even though Jarius was depending on Jesus to be quick in getting to his house and healing Jarius’ daughter—and even though nothing would stop Jesus from getting to a little girl who needed him— he still had all the time in the world to stop and give his undivided attention to a woman who had been unseen, who may by this point in her life have felt forgotten and unimportant. Don’t ever think that your crisis is less important or less traumatic. It isn’t your crisis that has God’s attention. You have his attention.

A crisis changes so much. For Nehemiah it changed his priorities. He wasn’t all that concerned with what the king would think or how he would react. He only knew that he needed to go to Jerusalem and follow the Lord’s direction. (Neh. 2) He had to leave the presence of an earthly king and be present for the use of the eternal King. For this woman in Luke 8, crisis had changed her perspective. For years she had been forced to live confined. She did not have the same freedoms as others. Had she given up? After all, no physician could help her. While a crisis has a way of changing our perspective, like this woman it was the hope of healing that gave her purpose. Hope will give purpose.

I don’t know everything this woman felt that day as she made her way to Jesus. I don’t know what your day or your past days have looked like as you make your way through the rubble your crisis has left behind. I know for me there came that day when nothing else mattered but the promise of healing— the promise of being whole—and that gave me purpose to make my way to the One who could deliver on his promise. I was not concerned with what others said. I was not concerned with what others thought. I did not let anything get in my way. On that day everything I did was on purpose, to get to the One who gave me purpose and brought purpose to my pain.

This post is an excerpt from Joy’s book, Identity Crisis: Moving from Crisis to Credibility. You can pre-order your copy at


2 comments on “Pain’s Purpose

  1. Jeanette says:

    Love this, Joy!!!!!

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