A Mess In Need of Mercy

God allows the pain that throws me into the path of his glory so that I might experience his sovereignty, love, and unlimited grace. I don’t know what pain has been allowed into your life. I don’t know what crisis has left you shaken. You may be asking, “Now what?” What is the next step that needs to be taken so the pieces are put
together? Maybe your crisis began yesterday, or months or years ago. Whenever it struck, I am sure you are looking for the direction that will provide peace and credibility, since your crisis may have caused you to lose your identity. You can’t separate who you are from the crisis that has slammed into your life. This predicament seems to
define you. When the landscape of my life was permanently changed I didn’t want to hear Romans 8:28: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” (ESV). I didn’t want to be told that “all things work together for good.” I wanted to know what to pick
up, where to take what had survived the storm, and how to rebuild and become credible. What I didn’t grasp in those early days was the deeper meaning of this verse. As I studied it, I learned that “causes” and “work together” have identical definitions. They both mean to be a fellow worker, to cooperate—help with and work —together. How can a crisis that has taken place under the watchful eye of the sovereign God work together for good? You may wonder where God was when the crisis began. Did God look away and that’s why this happened? You may have wondered the age-old question: If God is so good then why do bad things happen? If there is ever a reason to do the good work of rebuilding, it is found in that word. Good. It is everything I longed for that was agreeable, excellent, pleasant, joyful, upright, and honorable. I am sure that as you find yourself in the debris of your own crisis, you long for everything to be good. This word is the box that will hold all the tools you need to rebuild. The broken one living in a crisis longs for the good, the happy, the honorable. The sovereign God works with us so that when we submit to his way of working, we begin to not only see the good, but experience the good.
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One comment on “A Mess In Need of Mercy

  1. Regina says:

    Wow! This was defiantly food for thought. I felt the same way……can’t wait to read the book!

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